Having served as Malta’s spokesperson to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and also as the Head of Communications for the National Euro Changeover Project, Melvyn Mangion has published several books.

These are now available for sale on Amazon.

One of the books is entitled Fit for Euro.

Another book is entitled Dual Display Made Easy.

An interesting book covers the Convention of Maltese living abroad.

Melvyn Mangion is also an contributor to several important websites in Malta. He has recently featured in The Times of Malta and Newsbook.

He is also a contributor to the Times of Israel.

Should you wish to follow Melvyn Mangion on Twitter, kindly feel free to do so. You can contact him on this website too.

Melvyn Mangion writes about the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry’s main role is to ensure that Malta’s foreign political objectives are reached both within the European Union and both regionally and globally.

Apart from this, the Ministry must ensure that it maintains…

Melvyn Mangion is an experienced entrepreneur and investor. His activity takes place mainly in the international arena, whilst being based in Malta. A professional with consolidated experience in the financial services industry and public relations sector. Melvyn is also a Certified Financial Analyst.

Melvyn ‘s experience

The entrepreneurship career took off after serving…

Opinion by Melvyn Mangion


A brief look to why one must set-up funds in Malta or re-domicile funds to Malta: what are the advantages? — An objective assessment of the pros and cons.

In the last decade, Malta has distinguished itself as a serious and…

Transcript by Melvyn Mangion

Honorary Consuls,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to begin this short introduction by welcoming you to Malta and to thank all of you for the overwhelming response to our call. The enthusiasm which you have shown by travelling from near and far to…



Transcript by Melvyn Mangion

Mr. President

At the beginning of this year, the Euro celebrated its ninth birthday, and at the same time the Euro area welcomed two new members: Cyprus and Malta. …

Prime Minister of Italy

Transcript by Melvyn Mangion

Mr. President, I should also like to express my most sincere thanks to you. Thank you for this wonderful European day! And I should also like to offer my equally warm greetings to the Prime Ministers, Authorities and citizens present here today.

Prime Minister of Luxembourg’s Speech on the occasion of Malta joining the euro zone

Transcript by Melvyn Mangion

Mr. President


On 1st January 1999, Economic and Monetary Union was launched with 11 participating countries. As we completed this major milestone of European integration, widespread scepticism prevailed. On the one…

Governor, Central Bank of Malta

Transcript by Melvyn Mangion

I should first like to join the Parliamentary Secretary in extending a warm welcome to our distinguished guests from abroad, among them the President of the European Central Bank, M. …

Uncertainty clouds the British economy….

The best news to happen for Europe and Britain’s leading journals and newspapers over the past year was probably Brexit: thousands of pages have been dedicated to the process of Britain leaving the EU, to the impact on the economy, on British and European firms…

Melvyn Mangion

An experienced professional and entrepreneur in the financial services industry and PR sector. Read at www.melvynmangion.com https://melvynmangion.weebly.com/

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