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Melvyn Mangion
2 min readMar 26, 2021

Melvyn Mangion is an experienced entrepreneur and investor. His activity takes place mainly in the international arena, whilst being based in Malta. A professional with consolidated experience in the financial services industry and public relations sector. Melvyn is also a Certified Financial Analyst.

Melvyn ‘s experience

The entrepreneurship career took off after serving for more than a decade in high ranking Government positions in Malta. He served as Policy Coordinator of the Infrastructure and Environment Ministry of Malta. He also served as the Communications Coordinator and spokesperson of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta. Melvyn Mangion was also a board member of the Valletta (Malta’s Capital City) Rehabilitation Committee. He also served as a member of the Building Industry Consultative Council.

Melvyn Mangion coordinated the successful national communications campaign that saw Malta switching from its Malta Lira to the euro currency. He also served as Consultant to Government of Slovakia in its changeover to the euro currency.

Serving at the Malta Embassy in Ireland during the Irish Presidency of the European Union provided him the possibility to further expand his international contacts.

He served as Director and a certified Financial Analyst to an investments services company. Melvyn proudly represented BlackRock International Ltd, the world’s largest fund manager, in Malta by selling their products.


In addition to his primary job functions, he has been recognized by the diplomatic corps of the Government of Malta. He was recognised for his extraordinary commitment to the Ministries where he served for years.

Melvyn Mangion has been honored for his contributions to the local community which he served as a Council member for three years. He also co-founded a non profit organisation in the educational sector. Melvyn successfully tapped EU funding for projects aimed to assist students in their educational needs.

During his career of almost twenty years, Melvyn has established his reputation for building relationships with consumers as well as international organisations.

His interests also include soccer and swimming.

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Melvyn Mangion

Melvyn Mangion is an experienced professional in the financial services industry and PR sector. Read at