Melvyn Mangion publishes books on Malta

Melvyn Mangion
May 12, 2021

Having served as Malta’s spokesperson to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and also as the Head of Communications for the National Euro Changeover Project, Melvyn Mangion has published several books.

These are now available for sale on Amazon.

One of the books is entitled Fit for Euro.

Another book is entitled Dual Display Made Easy.

An interesting book covers the Convention of Maltese living abroad.

Melvyn Mangion is also an contributor to several important websites in Malta. He has recently featured in The Times of Malta and Newsbook.

He is also a contributor to the Times of Israel.

Should you wish to follow Melvyn Mangion on Twitter, kindly feel free to do so. You can contact him on this website too.



Melvyn Mangion

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